Do you believe funny people are often kind?

I can’t think of a funny person that is also an ■■■■■■■.

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No, take Bill Cosby as an example. Witty persons are often superficial, cracking a joke instead of taking things seriously. I prefer fun and at the same time serious people who know when a joke is appropriate.


Just depends on the person, really.

There’s a lot of really intelligent and funny people who have compassion and care about the state of the world.

Then there’s super shitty people who make jokes at other people’s expense.


I think the more funny one becomes that person will end in a zone of isolation.

I know some comedians who make very mean jokes.

Still I find them funny.


I don’t think they are related. Plenty of difference in humor and morality amongst humans. Could be either very easily so I don’t see a correlation.

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My Alter ego is very funny and abusive. But then he is not in a state of dualism unless him thinking he’s ready to die because he has been through too much. That is a topic for another discussion.

A lot of funny people have a very bitter side. Mark Twain was a very funny man, but he was also very bitter, and he didn’t try to hide it. Richard Pryor set himself on fire, and Robin Williams killed himself. I have seen comedians who were happy and well adjusted, but the majority of them have a very bitter side.

I’ve known some very not nice people who used humour as a masking mechanism.

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Robin Williams Was taking anti depressive remeron at the time he killed himself. It wouldn’t surprise me if it made him suicidal.

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Yes. You’re right about that. A hippie named Abbie Hoffman killed himself when he was on an AD too.

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