Do u sleep with a stuffed animal or body pillow? POLL

I started sleeping with a stuffed animal again and it really improves my sleep for some reason. No judgments or embarrasments just curious

  • Yes, hes cuddly
  • No, thats childish
  • I used to

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Have a great slumber everyone!

No but I don’t think it’s childish so i can’t vote ?


No, but I think it’s a great idea :blush:

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I’ve had a giant 3’ ant from IKEA in bed for the last 12 years. He makes a great body pillow, and I toss him outside in the sunshine for the day to keep him smelling all fresh.

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I sleep with the fishes…

I got an Orca shaped body pillow a few months ago. I have some other stuffed fish.

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Well did u sleep with a stuffed animal as a kid. And i just put childish as a joke

I have a body pillow, but I never use it.

I have like a million stuffies everything form princess, mlp to transformer one! me and my brother made him :smile: they help tons if the bad dreams or what ever turn up i have a army of them to fight them off with. Yes is child like but is works
I get good real rem sleep and can work and done all the things i need to

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I read that a stuffed animal is a sleep aid because holding it helps to keep the chest open if you sleep on your side, so breathing is easier.

That is not why I started sleeping with one again, but that is a benefit.

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I used to do it until I was around 18.

I have a white teddy bear that gets snuggled when the voices are high and the sleep is minimal.

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I answered yes because I sleep with my cat. I think she is a plushie.

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I don’t sleep with stuffed animals as much as I used to, nor do I have a body pillow, but I like compacting blankets together and cuddling with them. Does that count? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I used to sleep hugging a pillow. I bought a body pillow, but it didn’t fit in right with the sheet I slept under. The pillow was stuffed with feathers and very heavy maybe was the reason.

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