Do u believe in karma?

Perhaps that is because you don’t understand karmic principles my good sir.

Maybe all that you’ve ever heard is lies about such things and go around talking ■■■■ for no reason?

Karma works like this, you treat people like ■■■■ a seed has been planted, and then if you need help from them they will be most certainly less willing to help you.

Karma is very mundane actually and never had anything to do with magical horseshit as you put it.

You would think such a smart guy would know that, stay away from those 1’s and 0’s every once in awhile, it appears to be doing strange things to you.


Obsess much? …

Is that your valley girl impression?

Comes in handy for people like you don’t it?

Just come to the realization that you had no reason to say what you said, you were simply being a dick, just realize it.

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I still haven’t seen anything from you worth reading.

One man gathers what another spills, it’s very simple really.

Why can’t you understand?

Why can’t you get that we simply said nothing that deserved such foul comments?

Not worth it to you then keep your mouth shut and move on, at least say something productive right, you think it’s worthless or a waste of time at least go into detail why you think so. But no, you simply bark like the rest of them.

Here is how you say it, let me help you little one, “I still haven’t seen anything from you that I BELIEVE is worth reading.” or perhaps “although there is nothing wrong with what you are saying i do not enjoy reading it so i simply will not read or comment on it anymore.”

It’s quite simple my little friend, my little foul mouthed friend.

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You might want to read your own posts.

Honestly, I didn’t make my original comment to get at you but at this point I find it all hilarious. I just can’t help but laugh at you.

A true master of the put down.

You should have been learning other things.

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Enjoy it while it lasts because I’ll likely get banned and you surely will.

Not to be negative or anything, but I agree with one of the people above. The world has too much suffering and bad things that do happen to good people who have done good things for Karma to be real. I was shocked to read the other day that on average 1 in 7 people on Earth live in poverty. Very sad…

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Well karma in the west here is used as a derogatory term. “Revenge”… Just like Jesus wants to go to war. I’m guessing, and based solely on the unique characteristic of the english languages ability to misinterpret things, but thats not what karmas about.

For me, thinking about Karma or everything happens for a reason or God is looking out for me I avoid now. Because it becomes obsessive and stressful. So I try to disprove it. Like for the powers that be make the stop light turn green early. The light will never change its pattern to help me when I’m in a hurry. etc. All though I do think bigger things like getting a good job or not getting one happens for a reason.

I don’t believe in karma, for the reasons listed above. Plenty of bad things happen to good people, while plenty of good things happen to bad people. I guess the only thing I can hope for is settlement in the afterlife, which I’m not too sure of. Catholics believe in Purgatory, so if someone has been especially bad, they will suffer for a long time before they finally get to Heaven. I can live with that, since I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer forever, just a good long time until they change into better people.

I believe in Karma,a little at least.Believeing in Karma makes me a good person because I avoid doing bad things to people,I avoid harming people so I hope I got good things happening to me

Some people believe that people walk paths of poverty, not because they are bad but because they were chosen for their strength by God. I personally believe that the more you attempt to heal and help, the more that will come of it. No matter what your background is, if you are of good reason and try to bring kindness to the world, a star out there has your name on it.

I also know that the more mistakes we make, the more ills come about. Karma is a testament that you reap what you sow, and if you sow seeds of love then God is watching over you, and he is regardless-but that effort towards helping others makes you a stronger person.


I do not think that there is Karma in the sense that it is not a concrete phenomena that HAS to come true. I believe that certain events happen sometimes that fall under the label of the principle of Karma, but I don’t believe karma has to come true. I don’t believe you can count on it working or coming true but it is true SOMETIMES. It’s not like gravity or global warming. Sometimes things happen that you could put under the label of Karma. I don’t believe it’s a law of nature or of the universe or anything.

You could put global warming under a karmic label. Not that I believe in karma. Perhaps the physical karma of thermodynamics or entropy breaking down.

I believe in Karma at least I feel like maybe I did something that upset god and his way of punishing me was to make me sz.

I feel like that sometimes.