Do the voices force you to believe things you dont believe

I keep thinking new voices keep coming and not sure if its the same ones or new ones. And they keep telling me about a girlfriend i made up and tell me i dont know where im going and going to hell. But i dont believe in a hell, i think we are just spirits from another existence who came to earth to have a physical experience and even if the person was bad will still go back and be taken into god and their soul healed. Maybe were just here on earth to learn lessons for our soul and have different experiences for god so he can expand and create more in the universe. Im torn from believing what i believe and the voices telling me something else. Maybe what they say is true and i just dont want to believe it…


Protip: Don’t assign roles or names or anything to any voices you hear. It personalizes them and makes things worse (at least it did for me). As to saying whether they say things that are true, unless YOU can prove it, ignore it. My voices have incorrectly predicted my death for some time now. I’m still here g-d it.


Definitely, but mine are more day to day stuff…”you never cared about your family…you love no one…you like being sick.” I hate them

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My voices mainly call me my birth name and she, both of which I don’t believe I am. So yes in a weird niche way

My voices are sum times accompanied by visual effects too. N have told me things that I now believe like example is that I have a spirit husband and I was also told that I am never alone not even in the shower, and that I better get used to it cuz this is forever. It was scary at first, but now it kinda comforts me like I have a bodyguard.

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im just curious have the voices always been nice was there ever a time where they said bad stuff. Just curious, thanks

My voices are always making people believe untrue things about me, and its always bad no good comes from Logan.

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