Do people ever laugh

Do people laugh at you when you get symptoms and talk to yourself? Or just talk nonsensical? Everyone, including my husband thinks everthin’ I’m sayin is hilarious. Does this happen to y’all?

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I think the geodon is ticking my senses. I feel it’s effect but I still feel a little bit off. I need to sleep.

I guess so. But it’s the way you took off 200 miles an hour.

I’m not taking anymore meds. They don’t work. I didn’t molest anyone! I can’t believe they’re accusing me of such a thing. F all of it

Hey gal. Relax. Seems come wires are crossed.

You don’t need to feel guilty for things you don’t do. Sounds like some paranoia. I’m an ex catholic and know some things about guilt! It’s not your fault.

When do you see your doctor again? Time to check in!

Hope tomorrow finds you better.


Either I get that blank stare, or anger from others if I talk outloud to myself, never understood the anger.


I can’t even initiate conversations with myself .

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