Do Medications Make You Feel Like You Aren't Yourself?

I been on and off medications for some years now. I take them only because they keep my out of the hospital and my family wants me to. But I feel as though they make me feel sort of dull or just like nothing… I guess it feels like a indescribable nothingness… These feelings are the reason in the back of my head that I always want to stop taking my medications and figure out a way to just deal with my paranoia and delusions without going to the hospital … Is it just me or does everyone medications make you feel sort of like a dull or nothingness… Then if so do we have to accept this to stay functional or should i try a new medication

I’ve been on Risperdal and Zyprexa. When I switched to Abilify this year my anxiety went away. I’m doing fine on Abilify except I don’t sleep deeply. I do feel calm, maybe dull as you say. But being on AP’s is better than hallucinating, being paranoid, and experiencing delusions.

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Invega made me a different person. I hated it. I changed to Aristada and feel like myself.

Meds helped me be closer to my real self but I am still not exactly the same person as before sz.
Without meds I am not myself at all.

I’d try a new medication if you can. I hated Invega. I feel better on Abilify.