Do different types of alcohol have different effects?

They say that it’s the amount of alcohol and not anything else, but I disagree.

Like SurprisedJ said, sugar content can have an energizing effect.
But also I noticed when I used to drink that Rum would never get me really loaded, whether it was 80 proof or 151. Whiskey made me downright insane, that’s why I quit that long before I quit drinking. Also when i was younger and my friends drank it there were a few who always got in fights on whiskey but could drink the same amount or even more of other liquors and be mellow and cool and have a good time… led me to believe whiskey was the evil demon drink.

I also noticed when I mixed something like Vodka with soda or juices high in sugar it made me hyper drunk, but strait or with low sugar mixes not so bad.
I even drank 190 proof Everclear a few times and never had a problem with it.

So I definitely believe different types of drinks and what you mix them with will make a difference in how it affects you

I don’t drink anymore, because I don’t want it to affect my medication. The way alcohol effects you can also depend on your hormone levels. Since alcohol is the active ingredient it means that any difference would be slight. Just be careful, and don’t drink and drive.