Do different types of alcohol have different effects?

Because red wine makes me restless and energetic while dark brown or black alcohol makes me more tranquil and at ease.

Yeah there was one night I drank some red wine and I was wired. It was a strange effect.

cheep wine can have a high sugar content… that might amp you up a bit.

Dark Ales and beers… Hops… which have a sedating effect.


I’ve heard tequila and whiskey are notorious for making mean drunks really mean. I love the high of tequila and it usually makes me horny if I drink enough of it. whiskey makes me want to rock out. red wine I sip slower so I get kind of sedated on red wine. but, it really doesn’t matter anymore because I’ve given up the drink.

It’s all the same to me. Same poison different packages

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Everybody used to tell me, “Don’t drink wine and beer at the same time”. Hard liquor gave me worse hangovers than beer alone and malt liquor gets you drunker than regular beer. I don’t have much knowledge about alcohol except that my capacity used to be 9 beers every weekend during high school, that’s what I was comfortable with. Oh yeah. I know that Micky’s Big Mouth malt liquor had the coolest bottle of any beer

omg, @77nick77 I forgot about those big mouth bottles…haha…do you remember Miller baby 8’s? they were an eight pack of mini bottles. drank the hell out of them.

No, but Miller was my favorite beer for years.

I got drunk on jack and coke at the Christmas party and I was sitting on the back deck because the yard and waterfall is so beautiful there. and my mom came out and opened a small box on the table and got out a cig and started puffing. my mom supposedly has stopped. but when she drinks like me I want a cig. so I smoked one. and then another, and by the end of the night I probably smoked five cigarettes !! well when I came home I just told myself that I would stay stopped the next day. I’ve been fighting like it was day one all over again and almost bought a pack a couple of times but Angie talked me out of it. My point is I can’t drink anymore.

Fight the good fight juke. At least you’ve proven you can do it. Damned cigs.


It all just makes me sick. I’m not a drinker. Never was. Developed a strong alcohol aversion after we (friends and I) were curious to see how much it took me to get drunk. 6 shots of vodka and half a bottle of schnapps later, I was very loopy, and the next morning, very ill for nearly the entire day.

Ever since then just thinking about the stuff makes me queasy.


I don’t drink a drop of alcohol - haven’t touched the stuff in years - I am mainly fearful of it triggering psychosis or interfering in some bad way with my meds.
I used to love Dewars Scotch - it was my favorite - i still get the urge for a beer or some whiskey once in a while, but I do resist the temptation

Hummmm… interesting. I used to LOVE Jameson. Irish Whiskey… and I am ashamed to say… I was always a mean drunk. I’m very ashamed of how mean I was when I was drunk.

Beer makes me feel sick/get tipsy really quickly. I avoid it as the taste can be really .nauseating. Lager is a little better. Red wine- a glass can make me feel really heady. White wine has less of an effect. Spirits have much less of a quick effect and I can drink a lot more of them.

It’s an amazing thing that just like every single weed plant ever grown producing SLIGHTLY different affects, and every single person or animal besides twins are completely uniquely different from one another, every type of alcohol produces different affects. Especially when switch between wine, beer and different types of liquor. Beer is way more hazy I think. While wine is calm and pleasant. So id vodka but a little heavier. Whiskey makes you feel warm and tingly. Although I stopped drinking so I shouldn’t be talking about it. -Your resident SZ AlKoHoLiK

I’ve found if I have alcohol spread over a few days and then stop I get ill with vertigo. It comes n with turning to one side makes me dizzy, then will wake up the next day barely able to sit up without vomiting or feeling the world feeling as if it will give way underneath me, I had that this week after drinking over Christmas, I didn’t even over indulge in my opinion, but I had this after my holiday last year when we’d at least have wine with dinner.

I’ve noticed recently some trouble I’ve been having with alcohol, cravings but hopefully this will put me off!

Go steady,

Red wine tends to bring paranoia
I do well on white wine but only have one glass at weekend
Beer used to make me high but that was years ago when I was on small dose stelazine which didn’t quite hold me together

I try not to drink the hard stuff because it is too concentrated and I might do something stupid. Any time I drank gin it seemed like I got in trouble. I’ve heard other people say that too. Basically, I’m a beer addict. When I drink wine it seems like I get a worse hangover, but I think that is because the wine is rich.

basically it has nothing to do AT ALL with what type of drink you are having it is about factors like how many units if you have an empty stomach. its not what you drink its the amount of units taken in over a short period.

idk, i can’t drink anyway

doesn’t agree with me :frowning: