Do any of you have childhood memories of not liking music?

I noticed that, quite often, small children do not like music. And, lately, I don’t. I find it upsetting because of the way one has to submit to it. Total self denial by both musician and audience.

I disagree. I’ve noticed all my nieces and nephews growing up loved some form of music. Everyone
in every culture likes some type of music. It is innate.

Have they ever been in a formal audience situation? Restless and bored is what I’m thinking.

I think so. But even babies and toddlers love nursery rhymes and other types of music. There are as you say some types of music that bore children.

I’ve always loved music. My parents had a large cabinet record player in the living room. They had lots of classical music records. I was allowed to play them and I would turn the volume up and press my ear against one of the speakers until I could feel the music all through me. I closed my eyes and tried to hear each instrument in the orchestra. Nothing else existed. I probably suffered some hearing loss as a result. Totally worth it.

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I tend to always have reggae music playing while doing things around the house like cooking or cleaning, and my younger children seem to enjoy it the most.

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Never seen one that didn’t. Not once, ever.

‘Ere now, don’t be hatin’ on Tiesto.

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I remember disliking music lessons at primary school because I didn’t understand it. Maybe this is the reason why I grew to love it so much.

How did love grow out of a disliking?

I’m not sure. I was good at everything else apart from sport and music. But I loved singing and listening.

Oh, well When you find love, why doubt it?

You strike me Chordy as someone who loves music so much you hate to see it abused.

No, sometimes I really resent it sweeping me off my feet.

I used to hate reggae music, but then I worked in a gallery in Sausalito, Ca. where my boss insisted that reggae music be played all day. (He was such a character and great to work for) At first I thought it was torture, but gradually came to love the happiness of it. Now it brings back good memories. :lion:

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I got made fun of for liking rap music in 6th grade so I didn’t listen to music all of 7th grade…then I hid my secret that I liked rap all through high school. People would really eat at my core for liking rap. Then when high school ended everyone wanted to listen to rap…that was shortly before I really started focusing on classic rock
Damn I’m such a rebel