Do any of you belong to a schizophrenia support group in real life?

Do any of you belong to a schizophrenia support group in real life?

I became the member of one that isn’t NAMI affiliated, but then decided that I did not like the way it was run. I also did not care for the people going to group, since many of them were straight out of prison.

I’ll probably ask the local NAMI office in my state if they can set up a support group of their own.

I’ve never been, but I want to look for one. I get really nervous making non-personal phone calls or e-mails, though, so I’ve been holding off on contacting my local NAMI.

I was directed to one through my therapist. It took a lot of trial and error to find one I liked. But I finally found one. Plus many people in my AA group seem to also be suffering from a mental illness. So it sort of becomes a cross purpose group.

It’s hard, but if you want to do this, you have to stay motivated to keep looking for a group even after a few duds. Or, if there are a few people you like in one or two groups… start one.

I couldn’t imagine driving to a meeting and actually having the nerve to
Go inside, let alone speak to anyone.
I would sit in my car instead.
Just couldn’t do it.

My first few times I was thrown into the fire as far as to what to expect. But eventually I found a group near by that worked out of me. I am lucky to live in a bit of a large city where many resources are available. My first few times were scary. My AA meetings at the time were also hard for me to deal with. But after not too much trial and error, I found a very good group of people.

My source of anxiety is different. I am afraid to drive a car. I can’t drive unless someone is with me because I am afraid of getting lost. My concentration on the road is also an issue.

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With all the cut backs there aren’t any support groups where I live.

i joined a group and i find it great and helpful i have learnt quite a bit


I could drive all day. The only thing that stresses me out about driving is the other Drivers.
Being the new person in an already established group is just to much for me to
Comprehend doing.

I think i might try a group out and see how it goes. I have no friends so this might be a way to open up socially more.

I am the same exact way Tanaka- I have a fear of getting lost when driving.
I usually drive with someone else in unfamiliar places.
My anxiety and paranoia get pretty bad.

I would recommend looking for one through your pdoc or therapist. Or go through the NAMI website to find one in your area.
I’ve heard of some guys in my SZ group who were exposed to a group through a church that had noting to do with SZ and was all about recruitment in to their religion.

Go through a reputable channel to get ideas and find a group.

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I’m the same way about driving somewhere new. I don’t mind driving, but getting lost? I can not handle it. Those GPS things don’t help. By the time I’m lost, I’m too panicked to read the thing correctly.

The last thing I would need if I’m getting panicked are those cars that talk to you. I could only imagine how badly I would flip out if the car started talking and telling me what to do.

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Did that once, but one of the rules was that one was not allowed to discus the topic of Schizophrenia.

Damn crazy rule if you ask me !

One thing i don’ t like about this new forum is you can’t quote someone’s comment when talking!!

suprisedJ i will look into that thank you!

Hi SuprisedJ, I have a GPS it helps a bit, but I don’t know how I would react if I got lost.
I don’t think that the GPS would help too much, I would be too freaked out!

Depends on what GPS you guys have. My parents moved 1 1/2 hours away by car. I drove up twice so far but I got lost in San Francisco and it took me like three hours to get to their house. So they bought me a GPS. (they’re not rich, but they’re comfortable) .Anyway, my GPS talks AND it has a feature that automatically adjusts directions if I make the wrong turn or get lost. So for example, if I take a few wrong turns and it’s one way streets or I can’t find a place to turn around and I get stuck a few streets away, or a mile away my GPS will automatically adjust itself and give me directions from exactly where I am. Does that make sense?


Yes it does make sense Nick, I think my GPS does the same thing as yours, but I am still anxious
when I drive in unfamiliar places. I am ok with short town driving.

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No…there aren’t any specfic to SZ in my area. I doubt I’d enjoy one, so don’t worry about it much.

I tried to join a group last year. I called them and said I’d like to come and they were supposed to call back. But they never did. I think I’ll try again, maybe I can join this spring. I don’t know what a support group does. Do you just sit there and talk about what’s tough in life? Or what do you do? There are three psychologist leading the group here.