hi. i believe that sz disorganizes our minds. i think i learned this from my readings.

i am trying so hard to get my life in order where i can both work and get an income and come home and do chores and duties as well as do things for myself.

the disorganization plus the lack of motivation plus who knows what else keeps me from getting there.

i am almost there but don’t get there quite.

how about you?



good luck, Judy

and all of us.

I think it would be great.

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I feel disorganized sometimes, like a complete mess. It can be hard to “get my act together” and do the things I need to do. You’re not alone in this.

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I have disorganized thoughts and behaviour.
When Mr Thoughtless takes over I do silly gestures, grimaces and I say neologisms.
How am I supposed to organize myself to work, do chores etc? I don’t know

I think disorganisation has a lot to do with executive functioning deficits. I struggle with organising/planning and multi step tasks. At school I was described as disorganised and messy.

Years ago(2007) I did a cognitive test mentioned by sz admin that was available for a limited time period. I scored average or above for all parts apart from executive functioning. For that ,according to the graph, I scored 1.5 to 2 standard deviations below average.

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