Discussing and debating

If discussing and debating topics that can help us, why can’t we here?

freedom of speech is worldwide,

why not here?


Try freedom of speech locally and you will feel the difference.

by not discussing and debating certain subjects,would mean there not then fully resolved, i find that a shame


Sometimes I feel like the freedom of speech is overly restricted on this forum due to some of the rules. It’s like anything that’s mildly triggering or controversial gets flagged and closed.


We can’t talk about politics,aliens,drugs and sexuality cause it triggers sz or give ideation to mental illness.

Too bad there aren’t any bans on Weiner posts and rants about why certain threads are locked🙄


I don’t give a fck either that how i understand the rules.

Slowly, as long the clay is wet you can mould it. Once the clay is dry the decision of the creation is to be made to keep or abandon.

I tried many times to talk about “hot” topics here, but it’s interesting to understand that we need some order for real. Many people with schizophrenia get unstable easily and it this place wouldn’t be safe if we talked about politics, religion, sexuality and other topics. I’m not saying it’s not possible to talk about such stuff, but it would be better if it was done in other places (maybe even with your therapist).

I forgot, religion. We can talk about it but big brother (the moderaters) are watching. It up to them to lock the conversation, suspend or worse ban you from the forum.

What gets me is that not all delusions get equal weight. If you have a delusion about micro chips or being track or targeted you can post until the cows come home.
If your delusion is religious or political then it’s automatically flagged.
So you can get help on here for certain delusions. But as for the rest of us you just got to keep it in like always


Imagine everybody would bring in their political religious ketchup. There would be more sauce as the bacon can hold.

maybe i need too understand that certain topics can trigger some into psychosis, i will keep this in my mind…!

BTW i love u all

I don’t think that is always the case, Cindy. I’ve been suspended for that, and you can’t even say certain words without getting approval from a mod. But I’m on the radar all the time.

it does really bother me that we can’t have universal discussions on topics, but the news has become very political, and I know that’s a no-no.

I hate living by rules, I’m a total free spirit, and my peers when I was 18 elected me out of all them to go head to head in a debate with another guy in rhetoric class. I got an A.

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I’ll probably get suspended too before it’s over with lol :joy:

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Not in the Middle East (say something bad about Mo and see what happens). Say something bad about the government in Hong Kong and see what happens. Hardly worldwide.

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I almost wish there was a separate forum for non-delusional sufferers of schizophrenia to talk about stuff without setting other people off. I guess that would just be a voice-hearer’s forum, maybe such a thing exists. I understand though that with the nature of the illness a lot of stuff is off limits and a lot of people can be easily triggered.

Oh, yes… That has been brought up before. I still have scars from it. Want to see them?


Definitely not on this forum.

Unfortunately, like most of the internet, you need to cater for the bottom denominator. It’s not a slight on anyone but some people come here in really bad states and we all have to be conscious of that. Still. It would be nice to have an intelligent conversation with people about politics especially when it comes to the mentally ill but you have to just draw a line in the sand…

Still. We are a pretty solid community but some things just aren’t worthy of addressing. Not sure the easy answer to that one other than another community…