Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Has anybody been watching the new tv show adaptation? This was one of my favorite books by my all-time favorite author, and the show is capturing the whimsy and ridiculousness of the character amazingly! It’s one of those shows where there are a million seemingly unconnected pieces that will (hopefully) all come together in a really clever way at the end. I think Douglas Adams would be proud that this show exists. Maybe it would make up for that disaster of a movie they released ten years ago.

There is also a character named Amanda who has a psychotic disorder! She has mostly tactile and visual hallucinations that can be very painful. She is starting to learn how to effectively cope with it, but that doesn’t make her episodes any less terrifying and intense. It’s not a super accurate portrayal of psychotic episodes, but it gets closer than a lot of other shows/movies.


Never heard of it. Where are you watching it?

I’ve been streaming it through Amazon, but I think it’s also on BBC America and the regular BBC for our European friends.

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Have read and own the book as a big Douglas Adams fan. Will have to look out for the tv show. Is the show British or American?

It’s filmed in Vancouver, and takes place in Seattle. Dirk is the only British character.

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