Directions and goals

Does anybody else feel like they dont have directions or goals? I literally feel like i just take what comes at me. And i dont know if that is the right way to live or not. Are we fated to be without purpose? Can it be found i dunno.


I like the Tao.

The minute you say it’s it you’ve missed the point. That is a rubbish statement until you appreciate that life just is most of the time and sitting down and thinking about it puts you out of the loop!

Goals are great for schizophrenia. More importantly it’s good to have structure and to do what you need to do regularly.

Some things that work for me. Get rid of expectation. You have no expectations you’ll never be disappointed! Do what you need to do but keep it simple…

So yes. Existing is a goal and just living in the moment is a great skill. Putting in some decent goals and working towards them is just as valid!

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