Direct eye contact

Why do I struggle looking into people’s eyes so much? I actually cannot bare it unless I know the person … it’s so intimate


I struggle with it too . It’s hard to tell how much is Asperger’s and how much schizoaffective related .

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It is a negative symptom. I think it is a form of social anxiety. Health professionals always tell me I’m ok with it, but I never really think about it much.

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Just look at other parts… eyebrows, nose, mouth. eyes are windows to the soul, it’s impolite to stare but not to look. sorry, I didn’t answer your question… just providing an alternative

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I can make eye contact when I’m listening but not when I’m talking. I look away to gather my thoughts and think while I speak. Then I come back to the person with eye contact when I’m finished. I’m also on the autism spectrum.

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It depends on where I am in my mental cycle.


I just find it so intense. And it’s embarrassing when I look away blatantly because I can’t handle it

I never make eye contact :monkey::monkey::monkey:

I can never tell if I’m making too much or not enough. I worry about looking like this during conversations:




Always look at the eyes of the individual when talking. If you can do it then you have conquered your social anxiety. On the other hand if you look at other regions or other objects its a huge turn off both for the other individual and also your social anxiety increases. Give it a try, try this video for practicing eye contact.

I dont make eye contact much because I’m afraid people could read my mind. Plus it distracts me from what I’m saying.

lol…at MrSquirrel

I always maintain steady eye contact.

I’m kinda weird that way.

And when I notice it makes people nervous I also grin and lick my lips buwahahaha!!


It doesn’t bother me bcz I am always home, in bed all day everyday.

I read lips, so I can’t make eye contact. 🤷 Though, now that everyone is wearing masks and I can’t watch their mouths I forget to look at people at all. :see_no_evil:

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