Did your symptoms get worse or better over time

Yes these symptoms are horrible wish they are eradicated its a illness right?

My schizophrenia didn’t begin until I was 48. I’m not sure the voices have changed at all in intensity, but I have learned to deal with it much better.

I have heard that if you ignore your voices long enough, they will give up. That’s what I’m working on. Even if they don’t stop, I am mastering the skill of not listening if that makes sense


My symptoms got better. I was pretty sick at the beginning and spent the entire 80’s in hospitals, group homes and mental health housing. From 1990-95 I was in a board & care home but I was working and going to school. In 1995-2015 I lived in 'normal" society, working, taking classes and renting rooms in peoples houses. My life is now a 100% different then in the beginning of my disease.

The first couple years I did not function. No job, no school, no money, no car, no friends, no independence, very little sanity. Now my symptoms are manageable and I get around pretty well.


Age 6 to 17 prodromal symptoms
Age 23 to 45 psychotic, and mixed manic symptoms
Age 45 to 61 negative and cognitive symptoms

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