Did you take lithium, did it help?

I’m thinking about trying it. Can you share what you know about it?

I take a super small dose with my other meds. I was on way more but it made my hair fall out a little and gave me the poops. I don’t know if it did much for me bc I took it with another med that works well for me.

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Same here. I take supplemental form of lithium once a week, but I’m like @Artsygal, I take other meds so I’m not sure what affects lithium has on me.

I take lithium orotate.

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Well I remember feeling pretty happy on Lithium for awhile but I went toxic on it and I was really sick for quite awhile because of it. I would never take Lithium again.

It gave me nothing but the shakes and hypothyroidism, it’s supposed to be good for manic episodes, i took it for resistant depression and it just blew my metabolism. The only drug that has helped my depression, is isocarboxide, an mao-inhibitor.

Lithium is toxic.
Bad for the kidneys, bad for the thyroid.
Didn’t help my moods whatsoever.

Please be careful.

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Yes I was on lithium for about a year and a half. On 600mg twice a day. I had to get my blood drawn every three months to check for toxicity and to make sure I was at a therapeutic dose. It really helped to stabilize my mood swings and manic episodes. As far as side effects go it would make me really sick to my stomach in the early mornings if I didn’t eat with it. It also made me super thirsty all the time. Over all I think it was a good drug. Only came off it cause I quit all my meds and when we reintroduced meds again my pdoc didn’t think I needed it at this time.

Edit to add I’m talking about lithium carbonate

I take 300mg twice a day. It seems to help with balancing my mood and reducing mania. I like it enough to keep taking it, I just hope my perceived benefits aren’t a placebo effect. Talk to your pdoc and good luck.

I have a prescription of Lithium: 300mg in the morning, 450mg in the evening. It seems to be keeping me stable. I haven’t gone hypomanic or severely depressed since I started Lithium and Invega Sustenna back in July of 2019. I’ve been feeling ok most days, sometimes I feel good and sometimes I feel a little low. But nothing serious; most days are just ok.

I got my blood and urine tested yesterday, to check my kidney function. I’ve been really thirsty and peeing a lot, even when my blood sugar is normal. I hope my kidneys are fine.

Lithium was awful for me. Nausea, dizziness, hypotension, shaking. That said, it works different for everyone so it could be great for you.