Did you get forced to go to the mental hospital or did you go on your own

This happened to me too once. They gave me activated charcoal to drink and monitored me for awhile, then sent me home. It was on a military base though, maybe that had something to with it.

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It just strikes me as incredibly wrong, to send someone home in that frame of mind. Sorry you had the same experience


I went mostly voluntarily but once or twice my husband or sister made me go when I didn’t want to, so I was sectioned because I was suicidal

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I was driven to the hospital in an ambulance with my arm bleeding during my first psychosis.

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i’ve always been forced to go 5 times involuntary, but haven’t been in 5 years, funny thing is back in the day i wanted nothing to do with pharma and psychiatry, but now im defeated and would gladly go voluntary for a reprieve, i often think about admitting myself, but conclude im just being dramatic when i get the occasional suicidal thought and wait it out. usually things get better in a day or two and i never admit myself.

I’ve never went to the hospital on my own volition. It was always coerced or forced.

I had a court hearing to determine if I should be involuntarily admitted to the state hospital. I told my public defender I didn’t want to fight, so I got a court order to be admitted.

I was basically forced every time. I did not choose to go but went without resisting it every time. The last time I went the police picked me up on the interstate and forced me to go. I had traveled to Ohio, 3 states over from where I live in Iowa.

I had a sort of 40% attempt to hang myself. Was mostly a cry for help but kinda serious too.

The ambulance took me to a medical hospital to get my neck looked at. When the nurse in charge went into another room I walked out and went home.

The cops showed up soon after and drove us to the psychiatric hospital

I was in an outpatient program but then they decided I needed to be inpatient. From my memory, they gave me the option of voluntary or involuntary. Since I didn’t want anything to do with it, I “chose” involuntary so I couldn’t get out too soon. Even though I was already in the building, they still had to call the cops to escort me to the wards.

I’ve done both. Repeatedly.

Late 1973 see pdoc. Put on Anafranil. School work deteriorates. It’s decided that I drop French. End of spring term 1975 take a major overdose. I can remember being mechanical and robotic’ when doing it.
I agree,against my better judgement, to go back for the A level term so as not to disappointment my father. I last about a week before going to the school sanatorium and saying that I can’t cope. After 3-4 days in the sanatorium I was then transferred to Severalls Hospital - Wikipedia

First one in 2014 was semi forced, 2015 was forced, 2018 forced, wait I think all but one or two were forced lol

All my admissions to wards have been voluntarily, although some of them took some convincing for me to agree to

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I’ve been hospitalized 15 times. I usually got talked into going by my parents becuase I was acting really weird and yelling at people. The last two times the cops 👮‍♂️ took me !

Was baker acted ,went in voluntarily one time, cops called another and more than one with the cops I just don’t remember how many times. I found that as much as I didn’t want to go there, when I was there , there seemed to be a comfort in it even tho I wanted to get out same time.

Forced 4 times, all in 2013.

i went voluntarily 2 times but it was my doctors who send me… they asked me to go and i just did what they say. It was 2 times each 4 months.

I went twice voluntarily, three times through crisis unit for suicidal ideation

I was sectioned but I didn’t resist going in so no idea why.