Did you ever read the family member/caregiver site?

Everything is so negative. Schizophrenia is awful.


Can I please have a link to that site?

Wow ok, I just read it. I didn’t know it was this hard on family members!! I guess as long as you’re stable and don’t make trouble, things don’t have to be that bad…

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Are we not aware of how much our behavior impacts others- especially those that love us?
Maybe we should read the family member/caregiver site and take in the reality they have to deal with.
Sz is not pretty, or they wouldn’t put so much effort into trying to help us.
Anyone who feels it’s “Cool” “Creative” or “Special” need to get a clue.
It’s ugly when we act up.
It’s heartbreaking to have to stand aside and watch someone self destruct.

The cure is when we, as Sz’rs finally wake up and help ourselves instead of riding out on the coat tails of our thoughts.

Sometimes reality has to be very, very hard to get us to realize the cure can only begin with reality, not fantasy.


I recommended my husband check out that forum. To my knowledge he hasn’t but I am glad there’s that option for him. I know it is hard on him - although he never admits it to me. I just hope they have a community feel to them too. I know this forum has been an absolute god-send for me.


It’s hard on them. That’s why I’ve been trying to keep it together , unsuccessfully these past two months , I’ve been feeling like I’ve slipped. My mum cares for my grandmother. She doesn’t need another one to care for.


It makes me cry…

I just started reading it a couple of days ago. The thread about the son who gets violent, attacks his Dad, holds scissors to his Mom’s throat, tries to hang himself and then cuts himself up with a knife and ends up in a juvenile detention facility is particularly sad.

It seems to be mostly Mothers writing about their sons.

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The people on this side of the site represent the higher functioning. My suspicion is that those on the family side represent the caregivers of those we generally don’t see here so much: The lowest functioning SZs. That’s why a lot of what they post seems “out there” to us.


A woman came to this forum talking about her ill boyfriend and blabbed and blabbed and blabbed…

She was nuts! I told her I would have SZ too if I was dating her. Then she called me a jerk and disappeared.

Sometimes the caregivers are nuttier than the afflicted, and actually enable/ perpetuate the problem.

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This makes sense to me. Although, I hope there is a spectrum of caregivers on that forum, just as there is a spectrum on this forum. I am really hoping my husband can find a community, like I have.

I can’t read it. It’s about the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever read. Makes you think though, about your mom, if you have a decent one, there’s like, no end to her love.


Yes, the family member/caregiver site really saddens me. :sob:

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Thank you @anon12381882. That was very humbling and grounding for me to read the thoughts of caregivers. I’m kinda getting to that age where my mom doesnt feel responsible for me anymore at 29, and i really found life too unbearable for her to help five years ago anyways, been dealing with this on my own mostly. I do think it’s kinda stigmatizing the way they feel so sorry for their kids, it’s what keeps me from wanting to tell most of my family i am bed-ridden 2/3 of time.

I asked my wife if she needed a support site to deal with me and she said no, so I guess I’ll take that as a compliment.



Very sorry you a so bedridden. Does your doctor know this?

That’s when you say yes and strap her down to the family/caregiver site

Yea, they still say i’m doing good. And after reading that family forum i can see why. I do wonder if they have cognitive woes, many ppl with sz just cant cognitively function to be independent.

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My wife is a force of nature. If she has no interest in it, it’s not gonna happen!

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I’ve really put my wife through a lot. We were only married 1 1/2 years when I came down with sz ,and she just had our son. I’ve witnessed her going through our pre sz pics and basically morning the death of her still living husband ,lots of tears. I’ve seen her get so upset at watching me Chase my delusions, that she would vomit from stress. She has cried so much because of my illness. Glad I’m finally back for the most part.