Did you ever get invited to parties?

I used to go clubbing and was also invited to private parties.

Now I’m sometimes invited but I don’t go because I don’t like being amongst many people and lots of noise. I prefer to catch a lunch with friends or a coffee while walking.


childhood/ early teens: no

late teens/ early twenties: a lot

late twenties/ early thirties: some, but mostly no


In my 20s we (former friends and roommates) were at parties all the time. I would try my best to weasel out of going but I guess me being in psychosis didn’t matter.

Too much drinking. Six people in the back seat of a small car with girls on our laps and of course someone would have to fart. Puking and more puking. It was fun finding a random yard and dash out of the car for a quick pee. We got yelled at by this woman once. :joy:

I had enough of partying. Now it is low key family events or going to my cousin’s house a rock throw away.


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