Did you ever get called a big baby?

It’s very depressing. The idea that one couldn’t mature is depressing in itself. And the reasons are usually a mystery.

This is akin to kicking a cripple. We have a serious emotional / mental disability that should not be put down.


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The family I don’t get along with does call me this some times… they use to try and dismiss me.

The other thing they like to call me is Drama Queen…

I don’t mind that one as much as long as I get the appropriate head gear. :crown:


To me, it means in such a struggle that we have to be selfish and self obsessed and, as a result, are as dependent as a baby. The undesirable to those who no longer have anything to give. People get burn out about us which is understandable.

Sometimes I feel like one. I think in that state we are just looking for help or compassion.

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I get called baby a lot, in the past more so than now _ people just do not understand our condition so they call us babies, this is an ignorant way of handling such things

i think this happens when you grow up too quickly i thought thered come a time in life when i feel like an adult there hasnt been a time like that yet LOL

A lot of people think that’s what i am.

My mom just called me a good kid. Sheesh I’m 41 years old. I don’t sound very mature when and if I talk I guess.

I opened Grimm’s Fairytales to a short story and read it. It was about someone who could only eat and sleep. It scared me so much I traded in the book. Some years later I bought the same book again, but haven’t looked for the story - about me - a big baby.

Sometimes feeling like an adult comes with parenthood.

dandydinmot is a survivor of abuse and terrified of bein g an abuser so no kids for me pob!
ill read the guardian maybe that will make me feel grown up LOL

This made me smile… My son will always be my baby boy no matter how old he gets. It’s a reflection of my feelings as a mother. I’m guessing that when your mom said this it was more of a reflection of her feelings for you then how you talk :smile:

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