Did you ever get a snoop in your medicine cabinet?

I was dating this girl many years ago after being diagnosed and taking meds.

Apparently I think she was in my medicinecabinet and saw what meds I was on and googled them, and then dropped me, because I noticed she was in my bathroom a long time when it sounded nothing was happening, and I think that was our last date too. We had been on a few dates but I hadn’t found the right moment to get into that yet.

And the kicker is she told me that she had been in some other guys cabinet in the bathroom and seen he was on some kind of psych drug and then dropped him. So I suspect the same thing happend to me.

No big deal, I don’t think she was the one for me anyways, but I was wondering if this is something to be expected.

I don’t see myself doing something like that to others, unless it was by accident.

Anyone had experiences?

I have a medication lock box where I keep all my meds in it. Lock and key. No one has access to my meds but me. (although my parents know where the spare is). It’s more for safety reasons than paranoia. I think it’s the responsible thing to do with these types of meds. Last thing you would want is a child to get a hold of one or something.

I suggest getting a lock box.
This is the one I have. It’s large and fits a lot of medications.


My mother-in-law was a snoop.

So I strategically placed a ping pong ball in our bathroom mirror medicine cabinet…to fall out when she opened the door.

Sure enough, she was visiting one day and used the bathroom. My wife and I both heard the ball fall and bounce!

Oh, man it was priceless! :laughing:



I can imagine. Made me laugh :grin:

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Lol @Patrick, that’s really brilliant! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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Many girls will do that sadly, they don’t want sz babies and dealing with our problems.

Honestly I don’t want another relationship after my 5y serious relationship. Too much drama and problems. Good thing I didn’t let my gf do her wish, getting pregnant. My mother told me I shouldn’t have kids bcz my kids can have sz, its a risk to take and I don’t like taking risks. Just hanging our with my single friends everyday makes me happy.