Did we all get out of our tree's

yes we did and now we are now trying to get back into the tree lol

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How are we trying to get back in the trees?

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I’m wondering if this is his term for going crazy? I’m guessing that’s what he means.

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Ahh ok. That makes more sense. I was thinking like monkeys and evolution.


I can probably make that blanket. It’s definitely seventies. B.
I’m being yelled at curse words. I hate sza.

My cat used to climb trees. She’d deliberately climb up one and then look down and meow her head off. She got stuck in a tree once so I called the fire department. They had to hose her down.

Lol @ThePickinSkunk they did not! Wait, did they?

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I’ve had to rescue some of my last kitties. Oppie is inside only. I’d really get scratched up on the trees they looked better than me after.

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Haha Gamera.

I’d sue if I ever saw a fire department hose down a cat. I was just making fun of an old cat of mine. She was a sweetheart who had a tendency to climb up trees and then expected me to get her down. Rip soxy.


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