Did the times change or did people change?

People seem to nicer to me nowadays. Is this a result of the times changing or did I personally change and others stayed the same? Or did I stay the same and others changed

Listen to The Times They Are Changin by Bob Dylan. But I find we change with the changing times. We have to, to keep up

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I didn’t change, everybody else just stayed the same. Boom!

I find myself caught in the past with my appearance - like I’m trying to get back to who I was before I had sz - I’m in a 1980’s time warp. Finding it hard to change with the times.

I think I’m with the curve of most people, trying to stay true to the best possible or greatest possible lifetyle & mode of thinking for reality.

I don’t feel like I’ve had to change much, though. I’ve always been a pretty decent person, always trying to find an altruistic path in the midst of problems.

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