Did my father die?

I see him. Others seem to see him. But i have a vague memory of my brother telling me he died (edit: in a plane crash) and i switched off. But that could’ve been a dream? Why can’t I tell if it’s a real memory or not?

I have the same problem too.
I can’t tell if I saw something in a dream or if it happened in reality

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Wow I have problems of dreams and reality being intertwined but never could confuse it for one of my parents dying or something. That’s too important for me to confuse.

Im confused. Sz is sneaky. Because you cant accept the truth even if told it. Wtf. How do i wake up?

I’m sorry you’re dealing with this.

Im sorry if its wrong to think these things. I dont mean to be this way.

You’re good man I don’t think anyone’s judging you for it.


Hope thats true. Its a terrible thought. Why would I think its real?

I dunno some times our mind plays tricks on us. In my case it’s not as bad as what you describe, but that doesn’t make u a worse person than me in any way or anything but rather just your mind plays greater tricks on you.

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