Did Invega/risperidone caused you anxiety?

When I was on Invega, I felt intense anxiety that I had to go on SSRI and be a regular user of benzos. Anyone else have experienced anxiety on Invega/risperidone?

I’ve never had anxiety on Invega Sustenna or Invega Trinza.

No, I was much more zombie-like on invega.

I take Invega and sometimes I feel anxious, but I don’t think that is caused by Invega.

I don’t feel the invega caused my anxiety. I had bad panic attacks since I was a teenager.

I felt more anxiety on Invega.
It was kind of activating
More so than Risperdal

Not really.


What are you on now?

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Aripiprazole(generic for Abilify).

On a low dose though, so that probably helps.

I think I was when I was taking risperidone during the day, my anxiety seemed worse than normal, even with 120mg of cymbalta and anxiety techniques.