Did David Bowie's brother have sz?

Did David Bowie’s brother have sz?

Not a clue. Why would it matter if he did?

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I think he died in front of a train. :weary: I think he was yes.

because david bowie was a famous person

I must google it to find out if he did have sz

John Laroquette is a famous person who has been public about his alcoholism and (unfortunately) his membership in AA. His being an alcoholic or AA member does not affect my own issues with the illness or my own participation in AA. I fail to understand why a celebrity having something matters.

My voices and negs will suck just as much if Bowie’s brother has SZ or not.

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Just making conversation about it no harm done

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Oh no, not criticizing mate, just trying to understand why this is a fascination for some.

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