Did anybody have a good day yesterday

If I had to put a number, with having a good day yesterday btw 1-10 it would be a 6.

I don’t remember but I’m sure it was a 10

O yea it was great played basketball with my friend and drums went out to get coffee went out to lunch had a beer yes!

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What kind of music do you play along to with the drums? Or do you not play with music with playing the drums?

Yes it was nice, went to work to a quiet office and it was nice and sunny and got a pizza for lunch. Came home and chilled out. Was nice

Today sucks tho

I just play with a metronome keeping time and holding down a groove!

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My day was pretty ok. The weather was nice. It turned out to be 75F. A little windy in the afternoon. I had to get my second Covid vaccination which went well, now I only have to wait 2 weeks and I’m protected. I got to go get a carton of cigarettes so I’m set for awhile. And my Soso took me shopping last night and I bought a new wallet to go with my new purse I bought online. So it was a pretty nice day. Oh and then last night my ex called me up and invited me over for spaghetti dinner, which was pretty good.

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I fed the horse and burros, made chocolate chip cookies, washed the dishes, then cleaned my room which had been long overdue. Even changed my sheets, and washed them. It was a rare but great day.

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