Diabetic Dessert Recipes

I’m going to share some diabetic recipes from my favorite diabetic desserts book as I try them. These do have sugar, but very little.

I’ll share the best.

The two I am sharing are very good! My family really liked them. Each recipe will be its own reply as I am taking screen shots from a digital cookbook.




Have you tried the peanut butter cake yet? If so, did you enjoy it?

Yes, I’m only posting what I have tried and liked

The peanut butter one is really good. I made the dated spice cake today. Loved it. You could probably use other dried fruit like raisins.

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Ok cool. I hate dates! But the peanut butter one sounds cool. I’ll save it for a day I can have extra calories

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You shouldn’t have to wait long. Each slice is only 193 calories. Not bad for cake.

Also i nade my last one with sunflower seed butter and used oatmilk. Still tasted great.

Quick question: Is there a link to this recipe?

It is online, I’ll see if i can find it again. It’s from a book i was sent to review in 2007, so its harder to find.

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Ok. I’m hoping to be able to save it on my Pinterest desserts recipe thread

Recipe at the bottom of page

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Thanks so much!!! I was able to save it!!!

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Thanks for the recipes.

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You’re welcome!

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New one! It’s in the oven but the batter is so good - Havana Bana cake. I omitted rum.

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Thanks for the new recipe Zombie. Have your blood sugars improved? I was doing good on mine until I had some small snacks late last night…Has thrown it off all day.

Mine’s been 148, 180, and 164 today. But I haven’t eaten.

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The Havana banana cake is really tasty,but falls apart easily like box cake mix. Not sure how to combat that other than omit the oil.

Ok,new recipe! This isntfrom the book,but these muffins are delicious. They look and taste like a bakery made them. These are perfect for breakfast, a snack, or a dessert

Full disclosure: I did not put my oatmeal in a blender or food processor. I left it whole. I feel they are more substantial and filling that way. I also added some sweetner to the topping, just a bit.

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