What is your favorite sweet?

Baklava & snickers…


Cherry Slices.

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this much


I haven’t been in a candy store in years. I think if I went in one today, with my diabetes, I wouldn’t be walking out. :smile:

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I’m sorry to hear that. I’m taking advantage to the fact that I haven’t got diabetes (yet)… I recieved candies for christmas, one bottled entitled “Pills for Hangovers” (they didn’t know I’m sober, made sense two years ago) and another one “Pills for Bad Temper” (for my mornings) ate them all in a week, and I was saving them

Dark chocolate. I crave sugar.

Big Boy Hot Fudge Cake…it’s a Michigan thing.

Yummy!!! Sounds good

My stepmom used to make rock candy during the holidays. & chocolate covered pretzels.

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Rice Krispies Treats, Pecan Pie, Hershey’s candy, Pecan Turtles candy

back away Minnii…
" no more for you…!?! " :scream_cat:

take care :alien:

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Ice cream, especially the coffee and doughnut-flavored kind.

Tootsie rolls. But almost any other form of sugar will do… It’s a problem.

Interesting, do you make it for yourself?

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Jam on toast…, yes @Butteredtoast.

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Darn near all of them. I do have a problem with staying out of jars of maraschino cherries. Also, dried mango strips.


Foam bananas…

Yeah, my moms Greek. We used to have Bakalava on Easter.

Hmmmm…never found another soul that eats these but me.
Did your cost to buy a package of dried mango’s go from $7 in 2012 to $14 in 2015? ours did.

I used to…