Detailed Benzo Withdrawal Advice

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This helped me a lot. :grimacing:

I’ve been suffering with withdrawal symptoms like anxiety and night sweats.

Are you under a professional while your doing this so you can withdraw safely?

I think you’re very brave doing this. I hear that it can be worse than coming off heroin.

If you experience withdrawal from benzos, you weren’t using them properly. Pdocs are to blame, they dish em out like candy.

I took them:

-when I was tapering off atyp. aps in later ‘17

-when I was done in april ‘18

-on and off around once or twice a week that year

-when i got manic early last november (‘18)

-unpredictably according to severity of manic insomnia between then and april ‘19 (3mo ago) when i stopped — even now, i experience symptoms of the withdrawal syndrome

-it is a protracted withdrawal, it may last for many months to several years, my amnesia, agoraphobia, paranoia, and insomnia have been improving very gradually

i take anticonvulsant mood stabilizers and a small dose of haloperidol

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bump 151515

on haldol and a stable 3x/day antiepileptic regimen

my memory’s still very poor, but i feel less anxiety for sure

I stopped xanax suddenly after a couple of years of 2-3mgs per day. Had a gran mal. That really sorted out things for me. I titrated slowly off them and been better for it. Great for short acting anxiety. Terrible for tolerance and increased dosage.

good for you! according to the manual, and wikipedia, the protracted withdrawal can last months…even up to a year! i’m still in that stage and it can take time!

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