Depot-the pdoc is pleased

But have they really helped?. The answer is mixed/inconclusive. Biggest plus is that i’m less emotionally reactive which the pdoc etc like because i’m more docile and don’t fight my corner so much. However i am also even less driven and motivated and even more purposeless/willing to drift. It’s also curbed the weird thoughts but these weren’t what debilitated me the most.

It’s had minimal to no effect on the things that hamper me most ie the social interaction difficulties and the combination of paranoia and social anxiety that feed off each other. If anything the anxiety is more persistent…

The pdoc is pleased but i wouldn’t say i am functioning that much better. Still got those chronic problems…


I’m glad you’re doing better in some areas. Although I feel for you in being debilitated by other symptoms.

Sometimes docs have different goals for us, than we do for ourselves.

For example, at my last psych visit, my doc was elated that I’ve been able to get out of the house and take walks. He didn’t seem to mind at all that I still can’t go into public places and be around people. He just said, “Keep up whatever you’re doing.”

I’m still debilitated by my paranoia and hallucinations. But he didn’t seem to mind that. So I think WE, the consumer, must be vigilant in addressing our most disabling symptoms with our providers.

Make it a point to address these in your next visit. I know I will be fighting until these symptoms are under control with me.

And I hope you do too!