Dentist appointment tomorrow

Just had a shower in anticipation.


Good luck. Hope it goes well. :fox_face::fox_face::fox_face:

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I am caught up on dentists…hope it goes well for you…I just got back from getting my in state driver’s license…I didn’t even get panicky !! I am happy today…thanks for the heads up on listening to “outside” by david bowie…I listened to it a couple of days ago.



Nice one on the licence @jukebox!

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Good luck, Jimbob! I am with you, I hope you wont be very scared lol :slight_smile: You’ll be proud afterwards :wink: .

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Thanks @Anna1 am not too scared of the dentist these days!

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Good :slight_smile: They’ll take care of your teeth :slight_smile: Me, I had to go also, but my dentist saw a paranoid attack of me in his cabinet, so I am a bit ashamed to see him. Maybe he’ll treat me more badly than his other patients, idk… But the meds worsened my teeth, this is sure :confused: .

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Yeah the meds really dry out my mouth. This is really bad for teeth

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Best wishes Jimbob. Let us know how you come out.


My teeth are rotting and breaking from meds

Woke up a bit nervous about today’s appointment

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