Denied by 2 local psychiatrists

Im trying to find a new place to be treated…my current dr is kind of endangering me with her drug combos…i googled local psychologists and was flat refused…my case is too extreme…what?..both drs websites say they treat sz…thats all my choices in this town…the rest are counselors…i dont need someone to talk to i need a dr to medicate me…

Can a psychologist prescribe medication to us?

Dont you mean psychiatrists - psychologists dont prescribe medication


Yea wrote it wrong


don’t let it stop u from seeking help.

How are you going at the moment @flameoftherhine?

I hope you find a doctor to help you.

This sucks man. You’ll eventually find something. Can you go to the ER in the meanwhile if you need it?

Find it pretty crazy that a psychiatrist wouldn’t want to take on sz patients. I mean that is what they are trained to do. Hippocratic oath and all that.

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Still blacking out ontop of my sz…i woke up in the graveyard again sitting under a tree this mourning…it was during school traffic and i had no shoes on…lost about an hour…

Fixed subject line to say ‘psychiatrists’ instead of ‘psychologists’.

(Wearing moderator hat)

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Paging Dr. Freud… Paging Dr. Freud…

(Sorry, couldn’t resist.)


Ty kind sir 15151515

How many people wake up in the cemetary…and more than once at that…lol…its funny now but holy sheets batman i was confused at first…

In some states, there are prescribing psychologists

hi @flameoftherhine have you got positive symptoms?

Yea the sz is strong in this one and the newer d.i.d symptoms make it a lovely teaparty of dysfunctions.

what kind of positive symptoms have you got

Yes I realize this, but he was talking about psychiatrists - its rather rare for psychologists to prescribe

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It seems to me like there is a certain amount of trial and error in finding the right med’s for a person. Give your pdoc a lot of feedback on how the med’s are working for you. Keep in mind that sometimes these pdoc’s have the mentality that if you want something it must be bad for you. You might need to be crafty to get your way.

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there are sites that can help you find a Pdoc, I had to google one to find my current pdoc…