Delicious Chicken Dinner

Oh wow. You guys, if you cook, have to try this.

I substituted a can of coconut milk for the cream because of lactose intolerance. The parmesan is fine because it is aged and dried so no lactose. I also used a drained can of diced tomatoes (fire roasted with garlic) in place of sun dried.

My family cannot stop talking about how good it was!


i read it twice, looked like mussels both times,

looks nice though i love seafood

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I don’t cook, but might give it a go at some point. The instructions seem to be clear enough even for me.

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It’s actually super easy for an involved recipe. I did a lot of finangling, extra broth and adding cornstarch to thicken the sauce. Was still very good. My 15 year old keeps bringing it up, lol.


Ok, I saved the recipe, but if my son proposes to me I’m never making it again, lol


Lol! That was funny @Leaf


Since I am married someone told me to call it Bang Me Chicken, lol. My husband is calling it bang bang Chicken now.


lmao, that’s hysterical

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My husband is a hoot.

That sounds really good.

I get recipes in my email box every day. It’s called, “Cooking Professionally.” It is practical and I get a lot of ideas, and I make a few of the recipes. Tonight I had chicken, rubbed with some spices, and cooked with a whole lot of onions (caramelized), and a few other ingredients.
I like to cook, but I am not as good as so many others here whom I have read about.

You should try this. It’s pretty easy and turns out great.

I made myself a simple to save image of the recipe if anyone else wants it.

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Great idea, @LED! Thank you.

If anyone is interested, I did omit chili flakes and used Italian Seasoning instead of the others because that is what I had, so mine tasted a bit different.

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