Delete my account please

Please delete my account.

I can’t be positive and don’t want to either and i think it’s wrong to be that way in such a horrible situation as well.

Please delete account.

Nice knowing you pans. Positive people just overlook the negative stuff. You provide a little entertainment for us or me at least. Your crazy because you think it’s real.

aw pansdisease, just be yourself, you don’t have to be positive…it will be sad if you leave?

I agree just be yourself. If people don’t like your posts then they shouldn’t read them. At least this site gives you an outlet to vent. I vote that you stay. :sunny:

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Pansdisease, you are always an enjoyable and thoughtful person. Don’t let the negatives get you when you are upset.

Your posts never bothered me any. I tend to hold back the negative stuff but you speak your mind. I see nothing wrong with it. Sorry to see you go.

Stay…you and I experience a lot of the same. I would hate to see you leave.

Please don’t leave. :frowning:

Pans, please don’t leave. If you can’t be positive, then be yourself like before. Nothing wrong with that.


Be yourself @pansdisease. Stay with us. I’d miss you too much.

Please don’t go!

You are a vital part of this site.

pansdisease just be you.
take care

We all have ups and downs. Noone thinks any less of you when you are down. It’s now you need us, and we are here for you. When you are up you can give support back to those of us going down. Life is a roller coaster. I hate roller coasters, but you just can’t get off in the speed.

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Whose to say you have to be positive? I only try and be positive because I’m battling a case of major depression and am trying to not succumb to my own negative voices. they’ve been telling me to do some pretty bad stuff tom myself. Just be yourself. Maybe take a day or two of not posting or reading posts, but I wouldn’t completely leave.

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I’d say… don’t try for positive, try for neutral. It’s much more realistic.

The tree is not good nor evil… the tree is just a tree.

@pansdisease I see no need for you to leave. Maybe you should just take a short break but please don’t entirely leave the forum. I value your inputs as a lot of your posts reflects the struggle and conflicts that a lot of us is also going through.