Deep vein thrombosis

deep vein thrombosis - who had or have it?

I think i have it in early stage. My parents dont believe me.

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What is it?

What makes you think you have it?

Left calf pain. I will see a docter soon


Do you have redness, swelling or does it feel warm to the touch?

No. Not redness, swelling or warm. It is just pain

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Good idea, they have good diagnostic procedures

Well, definitely get it checked out.

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Hey ! @Ooorgle is a nurse

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I’d have it checked out, they’ll most likely want an ultrasound, they’re painless. That will rule the DVT out.

Could be a muscle pull, could be a tendon or ligament, but it’s worth asking about.

Do you fly often? Sit around a lot? Cholesterol? Can you elaborate on the pain?

They have medications that can help if it is worse case scenario.

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its likly a side effect from OCP’s

I went to a pulmonologist for an ultrasound where it was confirmed. I have DVT in my right calf. So far it hasn’t been a problem and I don’t know how long I have had it. My doctor prescribed me 2 low dose aspirin a day to manage it.


Birth control pills can cause DVT so I went off mine for good.


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