Deep Cerebral Stimulation - a pioneering treatment against schizophrenia

Published on 30/06/2015 at 13:11 h.
Meritxell Doncel

Hospital Sant Pau tests a pioneering treatment against schizophrenia

Hospital Sant Pau has successfully tested a method to reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia when all other possible treatments for patients have been exhausted.

A 47 year old woman who has suffered the condition for over 20 year was the first patient in the world to have electrodes implanted in her brain to produce deep cerebral stimulation and discover the effects on the symptoms of the condition.

This pioneering project by theHospital Sant Pau aims to improve the quality of life among patients for whom all other possible treatments for schizophrenia have been exhausted.

In this first case, doctors have found that the patient no longer suffers deliria or hallucinations six months after the operation.The patient has also managed to get out of the house regularly and interact with her family. The study is at its preliminary stageand will be carried out with 8 patients in all.


Tell a paranoid sz pt you’re going to drill a probe into his head. See how willing he’ll be to allow that to happen. (Wonder how many candidates they’ll have to go through just to get eight to buy into this.) Please.

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wont this be available for all…