Daydreams of grandeur

One minute you watching tv with the sound turned down because you’re also listening to music on headphones…

Then the next minute you’re daydreaming about being famous for discovering a medical breakthrough.

But this has been going on all day.

Just venting. :cloud:


I don’t daydream much. I am a half robot these days. I only have feelings for my cat.


The only delusion of grandeur I ever got was thinking I’d written a minor pop hit.


It really is tempting to think this way. If a million things went right maybe you would be responsible for a medical breakthrough. Everyone wants you to follow your dreams so why not?

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I think most people day dream and plan grand things

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My medical breakthrough is thinking that in order to possess a valid medical license, a doctor or other Healthcare professional should be forced to accept Medicare and Medicaid, or else they wouldn’t even get to be a doctor. I think itd fix the long wait period that people on those insurances have to wait to see a specialist.

I got a referral to gastroenterology in early September. The earliest available appointment is at the end of March.

Just rambling.

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