Its kind a humiliating but i have one question

i usually try to find a philosophical solution to daily problems.and when i think something usable i feel like i m found something very important and i m imagine myself in a news show and declaring this things.its kind a humiliating i know but i can not help with that.i have two question regarding this issues.first does anyone else relate ?second is this some kind a delusion of grandeur ?


I don’t know you well enough to say whether or not it’s a delusion for you, but in my opinion it’s not delusional. It’s just fun. I do things like that sometimes too. I don’t lump it with my delusions because it’s not a false belief and I’m not being deluded by anyone. I say do what makes you happy

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And it’s rooted in philosophy!


It could be delusional, but it could also just be wishful daydream. Lots of neurotypical people daydream. If you’re concerned try describing it in detail to your pdoc or therapist and ask which they think it is.

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I guess it depends if these imaginings are distressing or getting in the way of your life. If so, then it might be best to try to let them go. But if they help and give you meaning thats good.
You also might be lonely. And thats why you imagine declaring these thoughts to people who are imagined, instead of just chatting about them to people you know. But i dont know you so im just guessing. I get pretty lonely at times and have like hypothetical conversations with people in my mind haha.

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I get you,

I also wondered why does this happen,

Its just the rewarding chemicals in the brain, acting up when you think of anything,

Which makes you feel you found the solution.

And this is where paranoia starts for me,

When I have answers and have been rewarded like I have a million dollars.

And people are out to get me.

Being in delusion of grandeur is somewhere close to this,

I always feel it,

I am saint, or an elite member of world order. And What not :crazy_face:

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