David and Lisa an unusual love story

Has anyone seen this old black and white movie. An OCD boy that can’t be touched and a schizophrenic girl. The psychiatrist says, to the boy “All we have to do is,be alive be alive not numb inside”
The boy tells the psychiatrist he hates these battles there having, the talks there having, and the psychiatrist says, “I didn’t know we were having a battle”
It’s a great story.

Sounds fantastic! If you remember the title you should post it! I love classic movies but aside from the virgins Wolf one can’t I saw many dealing with that topic.

The movie is called David and

Lisa an unusual love story" it’s totally psychoanalytic Freudian, a combination of therapies, it has a Hitchcock feel to it.

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David £ Lisa it has the symbol

Where was this film made? I may have to order it.

Vision Associates Inc. I’m watching it on my Kindle, Amazon videos has it. Maybe a local library has it.

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I dint even think about. The library, I bet cha they do have it

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