Dating, Sex November 28, 2017 Sorry romantics, new findings suggest love at first sight is really lust at first sight

Can love really be reduced to a set of equations or is this proof that psychologists often lack a measure of intelligence in trying to do so?


Maybe so, maybe so…

A certain physique and demeanor, combined with one’s previous inner ideals and also one’s momentary mental state, can lead to what we call “love at first sight”. But sometimes it may be a case of a deeper intuition, something unquantifiable by scientific means.

Anyway, from personal experience and also recounts I’ve heard from friends, love at first sight is usually a red herring, it doesn’t turn into something lasting. But not always.


I started dating relatively late in life (early 40’s), so when I met my girlfriend at age 48 (she’s a few years older than me) I was mostly attracted to her character. I felt that I met my soulmate (and it turned out I did).

If I was dating when I was younger I probably would have fell in lust with a pretty girl.


I agree.

Whenever I find myself falling for someone super fast its always a “I want to bang in your car” kind of love vs “tell me about your day because I care about you” kind of love.


It happened to me twice.
Once at 16-17 i met a guy and immediately felt attraction. It lasted like 3 weeks I guess.

Then the other guy was a strange situation because I was psychotic at the time. Either way if we were together we’d have a lot of fun. But really different places in life.


Only twice?

I feel like it happens to me all the time…


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No :worried: lol :laughing:

Yeah twice. With my current partner it was a decision mainly and i am happy for it most of the time.

I am not sure if I am attracted to a lot of people. I don’t think so. :cry:


Being attracted, almost exclusively to strangers is a problem in my life.

I’m such a hussy…


Can any complex psychological concept really be reduced to a set of equations? Is love really any different from other psychological concepts when it comes to this, or are we just so infatuated with it’s uniqueness that we refuse to accept that it’s actually measurable in the same way that, for instance, dedication to and satisfaction with your job is?


Yeah love for me is a lot more than just attraction. It’s having similar values, interests and caring about each other, mutual give and take. Commitment. loyalty. Being there thru thick and thin. Really loving their personality and quirks.

None of my "love at first sight’ experiences ever lasted. So, they might be right.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been in love. It seems to be easy for me to have massive crushes on women that show me kindness and empathy. Maybe it’s partially the loneliness. Don’t worry no one on the forums. You’re all safe.

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The song says, “I want you, I need you, I love you.”

When you get old it has been, “I wanted you, I loved you, and now I need you.”

Theres this girl in my class I used to talk to who really activates my ehm torso. In other words my torso really approves of her face and her voice. Too bad we stopped talking, the abilify makes me nervous in her presence.

Thinking with my torsooo!

All I wanna do is bang bang bang

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