Darkness and Psychosis?

Hey guys! Does anyone have issues with psychosis getting worse/popping up when it’s dark? I know mine does and I was curious if others had the same issue.

Do you think maybe it might have to do with you being tired since it is the end of the day?
Just a thought.

My psychosis is gone with meds, so I personally can’t answer your question really. I don’t remember mine being any worse at night when I was in it.

Maybe! I’m not 100% sure. I know that I was terrified of the dark for… well, as long as I can remember, and one of my BIG delusions/hallucinations (shes kinda both?) was centered around the dark. Thankfully, mine is pretty much covered with meds too!

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I’m the opposite. Daytime freaks me out!


Sun and light make my psychosis worse.

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For me nighttime is a time of solitude and peace. Daytime is when everyones about and its scary

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I get more paranoid when it’s dark- maybe because I see shadows when I’m paranoid?

I’m definitely afraid of the dark. I’ll go to sleep with the light on if I’m going to bed alone.

In my case it’s the opposite I like dark

It makes me feel calm

Not that I am scared of light or daytime but darkness makes me more focused and calm

My psychosis is not worse at night, however, it is worse on weekends.

Wow! Thank you guys for all the replies! This is super interesting to me that several of you have to opposite problem:0

Daytime or darkness did not affect my psychosis. Meds did. I have no positive symptoms now on meds.

I’m really happy to hear that!

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