Current evidence suggests that nicotinic agonists may have a therapeutic use for the treatment of cognitive dysfunction in schizophrenia

We conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study of the effects of nicotine on cognition in nonsmokers with schizophrenia and healthy controls.

Nonsmokers with schizophrenia on a stable dose of antipsychotic medication were recruited from the outpatient population of an urban community mental health clinic.

Subjects were nonsmokers for 3 months prior to enrollment

These findings are supportive of our primary hypothesis that nicotine administration would result in improved attentional performance compared with placebo in nonsmokers with schizophrenia and controls, and lend partial support to our secondary hypothesis that individuals with schizophrenia would derive greater attentional benefits from nicotine than normal controls.


My attention on nicotine is so much better off of it. It’s not going to make you a genius or anything, but a little attention here and there goes a long way.

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I agree. I do my best thinking while im smoking.

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