Crystal’s help thread #5

I am bored too. I still have the remnants of a cold or flu or something and it keeps waking me up with coughing so I’m having a hard time sleeping.

You could try researching something that you are interested in on the internet.

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that sucks

Idk what to research

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Yeah, I don’t know either. I don’t know what you would be interested in besides math. Maybe they have some math problems you could do.

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Why does everyone here hate me

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People don’t hate you.

Just sometimes people can be an ass

yes they hate me

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If people are annoyed at you people can just silence you, and if they actually do hate you, then they need to get a life

everyone hates me bc im youngest here…

So what if your young…

i cant comment anywhere but here :frowning:

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I’m not mad at you let alone hate you.

Trust me we have way bigger things to worry about than hating a 16 yo on the internet.

You interpreted me asking you not to tell Miika that what I posted wasn’t their business as hateful.

It was a simple boundary setting.

yall hate me because of my age

please don’t comment in my thread

You can comment anywhere you want.

I mean miika was probably just worried about the OP on the thread, because he usually is suffering from symptoms.

The OP just want you to know that he can take care of himself if he finds any comments offensive.

But you have to understand your delivery of your comment could be possibly taken as rude to miika

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yeah people are rude to me too so why should I act nice

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Other people being rude is not justification for being rude yourself.

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Like I said some people can be just mean. You can be the bigger person. That’s really the game

Wish someone cared about me

we care about you…

Hey are you okay??