Crystal’s help thread #3

I play it sometimes but with my laptop

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Should I go off meds

I know you want to but I don’t see how you realistically can.

Yeah it sucks :frowning:

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I know. I would rather not take Ap’s too. But I’m not even forced to take mine like you are and I still take them because I’m afraid of going psychotic.

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Why are you afraid of that

Because it has happened to me multiple times when I’m not on meds. I don’t want to go “crazy” again. I did all kinds of destructive and self defeating things when I was off meds. AP’s brought me my sanity back.

I see. That must suck badly

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Yes it does. I’m stuck with my meds though. And it seems like you are stuck with yours for awhile anyway.

I hope I wasn’t diagnosed

Diagnosed what?

Psychosis obviously

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I wish I had never told anyone

Then you just would have suffered in silence. People tend to notice psychosis anyway, it comes out in behavior. It’s better that you are being treated early in your life. I know you hate it though.

I feel overmedicated :frowning:

I know. It sucks feeling overmedicated. I felt that way when I was on Invega. Hopefully you can reduce your meds when you are better.

Idk what wouldve i done without meds when i thought that my mom was gonna kill me

IDK. I remember you saying something about trying to kill her before she kills you so IDK.

You don’t think your mom is going to kill you anymore?

I dont think that anymore ye

Well that’s good. Maybe the med increase helped? IDK. I hope you lose all your delusions then maybe someday you can go on a low dose of meds like me. I’m on the minimum dose of Abilify for Sz. But it took me awhile to get here.