Dreaming on a bus

A body and its dreams, both still,
while a box floats in the darkness.
The glass-bottom bus shows Earth hovering below like a ball;
The moon, a tired rabbit above, let’s his ears flop.
It’s all heading toward an electrifying conclusion
where lightning hits a giant crystal
setting off bright, multi-colored fulgurations.
Visitors bring new light from behind a cloud.
Rockets fire up ahead in anticipation,
leaving behind rainbows of light
as they pierce clouds and return to Earth,
creating arches for the courageous to pass under.
Giant butterflies lead the way,
and hearts behind them, locked on, coast through.
Paradise is always just ahead,
and through the invisible crevice
between difficulties.

The bus is covered in multicolored windows,
the windshield two triangles of intricate stained glass,
for converting sadness and chaos into joy and perfection.
Careless visions are swept aside by windshield wipers,
and progress is made toward a new home, a new life.
Glaring lights of the surrounding city bombard the bus
and rainbow colored lightning traces the outline of
sleeping passengers, chasing the road like a tiger without a tail,
making no stops; (can’t catch this tiger by the tail !)
Layers of pollen and dust accumulate on the outside of the bus
as it moves through a forested countryside. Health and time
accumulate on the passengers as they move through the night,
and a breakfast of ferocious song and laughter is the dissipation
that celebrates the accumulation. Blue skies go gray
as the heavens prepare to wash everything below
whether it needs it or not;
altitudes rich with kindness and frosty with insight
spill down lamentations to the farthest extent.
Morning air pushes froth along tamed wilderness,
coexistent shapes turn wildly in the heavy wind.

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