Creativity vs. Intelligence

Intelligence vs creativity, what is more important and why? Do you think they can be learned or are they intrinsic?


I dont think one is more important than the other. I think you use what you have and work on what you dont have. I think some of it is intrinsic and some of it is learned.


I believe creativity comes from intelligence and it is not intrinsic. It is based on various factors just like mental illness it’s hard to define how it is imbibed.

We all have a ceiling re our intelligence/IQ. We can’t do better than that. It’s not something we achieve on a regular basis. What can do with a better mindset is a better job of maximising our potential. I’ll admit my mindset stank when I first joined the ‘high IQ’ community; answers had to come to me quickly and easily or I’d wave a cognitive white flag. I was quite rightly told I needed to improve my attitude. That improved mindset means I do better, cognitively speaking,on an average day than I did before. A person with a great mindset ,someone I admire a lot, is @shutterbug .


All I know is that creativity saved my life while psychotic. Meds killed the creativity in me though. I still try on occasion but when I was psychotic I did 30-50 paintings and filled a whole sketchbook.

I know I am at least somewhat intelligent. There are of course things I am markedly more intelligent about and less so in other forms. I don’t put a lot of stock into it, while trying to learn what I can, when I can.

All that matters is I can live on my own while battling my demons and still take care of myself and my dog. Sometimes even able to help my friends and family.

I think people are given various talents…and you can’t say one is more important than the other. It’s how you develop and use them. One can use their talents for extremely destructive to extremely beneficial things…and everything in between. It depends on how you use them, which is more important. And the task/situation you are using them for.

I think it starts with intrinsic talents. But can be either developped or suppressed. Depending on both the environment one grows up in. And one’s own life choices and mindset, as @firemonkey says.

I also feel…talents often come hand in hand with vulnerabilities. How you navigate that, also decides how useful they are.

I think that you need an aptitude for both, and you have to develop them in order to get something worthwhile. It helps your creativity a lot if you have good “general background intelligence”. An Israeli general in the Yom Kippur War won a crucial battle because he knew where an ancient Roman road was located. You never know when some tidbit of knowledge is going to have a giant impact. Einstein believed imagination is more important than intelligence.


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