Covid Getting Serious Again

6 people died in my county today. Although the infection rate has been relatively low the death toll has been unbelievably high. Will it ever end?


They’re are a lot of scientists suggesting that it will never actually end. It’ll always be around like the flu season.


Really ?? Damn hope not

There’s good news to be had. We currently have the UK variant starting to go through my province in Canada like a buzz saw. What’s notable is that the average age of hospitalizations has dropped sharply. While they’re struggling to get jabs into all arms, they’ve gotten a first dose and some second doses into practically all of our most vulnerable seniors above 75 years of age. The vaccines work. Those elders who still get sick aren’t getting AS sick if they catch the virus. Less of them in the hospital and many fewer dying now. We’re seeing the vaccines work against the UK variant for sure (Pfizer and Moderna, don’t have data on AstraZenica yet).

That’s the infographic for my province which is current up to Mar 22. Now it’s a race to vaccinate the remaining population before the health care system gets slapped sideways again. Hopefully having vaccinated the most vulnerable 20% who made up 90% of previous hospitalizations and deaths will be a mitigating factor in this wave.

For my family, my wife and I qualify for the next phase of vaccinations because of health issues. Just need to hold tight for about two more weeks. Getting close.


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