Covid 19 part 6

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Just got my first dose of the vaccine! It barely hurt, but I only got it 5 minutes ago. I’m stuck in observation for a while yet.


Finally finished mandatory quarantine. Freedom!!
Gonna keep my mask on tho


My father received his second dose of the Moderna vaccine 3 days ago and so far other than some arm soreness he’s not having any symptoms.

Knock on wood!

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This is a big deal for my province in Canada, we just started phase 1B of vaccinations:

We’re quite far behind other countries as our PM screwed up acquiring vaccines. The majority of seniors should be vaccinated within two and a half months and that will take about 90% of the strain off of our health care system here in Alberta. It runs at capacity normally and it has been well over capacity since November. The surgeries backlog is horrendous.

I’m supposedly in phase 2B of vaccinations, adults with serious underlying health conditions.

I had this one this week
My mum had the Oxford Astra Zeneca (sp?) vaccine
Boosters due 12 weeks later


My mom told me she felt it was really unfair she and other older folks were being prioritized when younger people were more social and had longer lives ahead of them.
I see her point, but considering young folks has a much lower mortality rate than older when it comes to covid, it would make more sense to me to prioritize those with the highest risk of death or complications.

Yes, I miss going outside and I wish I didn’t have to wear masks all the time, and the restrictions suck.
But my immune system is fine. I’d survive covid. She wouldn’t.

The Health Secretary here in the UK cites the film ‘Contagion’ as his inspiration for dealing with the pandemic - and apparently how they stockpiled and ordered a ■■■■ load of vaccines to fight the virus.

Pretty hilarious that he based spending and policy on a Hollywood fiction film and admitted it!

Really shows just how clueless these politicians are. Bill Gates already told the world in a Ted Talk in 2015/16 the danger of something like this happening.